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Human Resource Services - Leading advisors to leading companies

SA today is a land of unprecedented opportunity. Africa's economic potential as a key developing market region is attracting the attention of the global investment community. As the largest economy on the continent, South Africa is poised to benefit substantially. This investment is critical to achieving the growth rates needed to reduce unemployment and provide prosperity to all South Africans. One factor in particular threatens to constrain our growth potential - a serious and sometimes critical shortage of skills. As a leading human resource consultancy, P E Corporate Services' mission is to offer a "state of the art" best practice based portfolio of services that assists our clients in growing, developing and managing their human resources. We appreciate the fact that, today, employee skill and competency is central to implementing strategy within organisations across all sectors of the economy. Click here for Organisational Profile:

Salary Surveys

Publishing a range of national and industry specific Salary Surveys gathering data from over 850 organisations, employing around 1,5 million economically active people across all sectors of the economy. Click here for Salary Surveys

Remuneration Advice

Well researched solutions to the Remuneration Advice challenges faced by SA organisations. Click here for Remuneration Advisory Services.

Management Consulting

Creative, often unique, Management Consulting solutions to problems and opportunities, focusing on HR strategy, Performance management, organisational design, change management, leadership development and all aspects of reward management. Click here for Management Consulting.

Human Resource Development Training

Presenting over 100 Training programmes / courses every year to a wide range of clients, both in behaviour, general management and operational fields. Click here for Human Resource Development Training.

We invite you to browse our Human Resource Products and Services to learn more about our company and our services.


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