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We specialise in remuneration advisory services, management consulting, salary surveys and learning and development programmes for operations and leadership.

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As the gateway and one of the largest economies on the African continent, South Africa is poised to benefit substantially from global investment and growth within the Sub-Saharan region. This investment is critical to achieving the growth rates needed to reduce unemployment and provide the prosperity need to build a better future for all South Africans.

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We offer salary surveys for General Staff, Top Executives, IT, JSE-listed surveys as well as a variety of industry surveys.  > Click to see more 

Our comprehensive range of Remuneration Advisory Services has been tailored to balance best practice with the unique needs and characteristics of the local labour market. Our professional team enjoys a collective 350 years experience in the remuneration field.
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Our primary goal is to enhance both individual and organisational performance within the more than 5000 organisations we are privileged to count as our clients. To do so we employ only the brightest and best professionals and offer services of consistently excellent quality. Our approach to problems and opportunities is pragmatic, balancing leading edge technology with mature judgement > Click to see more 

For more than 60 years PECS has been helping organisations to deliver long-term, sustainable results through our world acclaimed and proven behavioural learning and development programmes and interventions. These programmes and interventions are based on rigorous research and utilise the most advanced adult learning methodologies  > Click to see more