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African Country Regional Surveys

Provision of accurate, reliable and up-to-date market pay data for African territories is an increasingly important need for our clients with multi-national operations.

We are able to provide market data for some 20 African countries through our relationship with Willis Towers Watson. Pay and benefits data are published by grade together with economic indicators for the country concerned. Territories covered include (In addition PECS produces detailed in-country national surveys for the Namibian and Lesotho markets):


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The African Survey – Grade Based Local in Country and Expatriate Data

The Africa survey has proven to be an invaluable tool for human resource professionals tasked with Reward Management in Africa. It provides market data in a user friendly and consistent format across 20 African countries, as well as important key economic data, which is critical in the salary review process. There has been a substantial growth in the number of participants and it is our objective to expand the number of countries currently surveyed, as participation grows.

The survey is participant based – companies purchasing the survey are required to provide salary data for their respective countries and to complete a policy and benefits questionnaire.

Results are published per country, by Grade (Global Grading & Paterson Grading) and reflect annual remuneration in Basic Salary, Annual Guaranteed Package and Annual Cost of Employment, together with economic indicators for each country. Pay scales are published for both In-Country and expatriate staff.

Confidentiality Clause

P-E Corporate Services SA (Pty) Ltd / Towers Watson (Pty) Ltd commits to the following policy on confidentiality relating to all information provided by survey participants.

Information will only be used to publish results in a format that will not compromise the confidentiality of any individual source.

Information is held in the strictest of confidence and will not be disclosed to any other participant company and/or third party, including the media; however P E Corporate Services reserves the right to comment on general market trend.

Information is only made available to staff within our organisation who are directly involved in the production of this survey.

Each participant to our surveys is allocated a code number to ensure maximum protection of client information.

This undertaking on confidentiality does not apply to information in the public domain, e.g. information disclosed in annual reports of companies. To view the online platform terms of use, please click here.