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Executive Compensation Survey Report

This annual publication provides comprehensive, marketing-related information and trends for positions ranging from CEO through to senior middle management across a diverse range of industry sectors.

The determination of Executive Remuneration remains a critical issue that is emotive and challenging. This is due in equal measures to the general awareness and high profile of executive earnings, the desire for good corporate governance and the strategic need to attract and retain people of high calibre.

The Tower Watson Global Grading system is the underpinning methodology that ensures valid job matches across functions and organisations, making it ideally suited to multi-national organisations.

The survey provides analysis on


Job Matching

The underpinning methodology that ensures valid job matches across functions and organizations is the Willis Towers Watson Global Grading process that is quick yet effective in its application. It sizes jobs relative to 7 factors including knowledge, business expertise complexity and impact to the size and international reach and complexity of the organization. A transparent audit trail is provided for future reference. Many blue chip organisations utilize this survey in preparation of their submissions to REMCO and the methodology has proved to be totally defensible and stands up to scrutiny.

Jobs may by matched on function – all major functional areas/job families are covered, and  level as determined by the Global Grade – ensuring market rates can be determined for benchmark positions i.e. CEO, Finance, HR, Marketing etc., and for those more difficult to match e.g. investment, strategic planning, project management, communications etc.


The survey includes positions ranging from the CEO, or most senior position in the organization, through to senior middle-management. Most participants have extended their submissions to the second level of management (often considered the most vulnerable to attrition) in addition to their top executives.

Survey Content: Remuneration Components

Versions available:

Remuneration practices and trends

A comprehensive coverage of issues linked to executive remuneration is analysed and reported.

Modus Operandi

On confirming participation, we will spend time gathering information on the organization in order to understand the organizational structure, its size and complexity. The jobs for submission to the survey will be graded in terms of the Global Grading process – this can be done through discussion with a knowledgeable person in the organization without the need to interview the incumbents concerned.

Confidentiality Clause

P-E Corporate Services SA (Pty) Ltd / Towers Watson (Pty) Ltd commits to the following policy on confidentiality relating to all information provided by survey participants.

Information will only be used to publish results in a format that will not compromise the confidentiality of any individual source.

Information is held in the strictest of confidence and will not be disclosed to any other participant company and/or third party, including the media; however P E Corporate Services reserves the right to comment on general market trend.

Information is only made available to staff within our organisation who are directly involved in the production of this survey.

Each participant to our surveys is allocated a code number to ensure maximum protection of client information.

This undertaking on confidentiality does not apply to information in the public domain, e.g. information disclosed in annual reports of companies. To view the online platform terms of use, please click here.


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